Faces of Migration

From ancient times, people have been on the move. Some are looking for new economic opportunities. Others flee armed conflicts, poverty, food shortages, persecution, terrorism or human rights violations.

About the project

Faces of Migration

The overall objective/impact of the project is to contribute to societies in the EU working for the achievement of the SDGs by people and policy makers.

The specific objective/outcome is defined as follows: By the end of the project 26 000 multipliers and 980 journalists in at least 7 EU Member States inform and report on the implementation of the SDGs and the relation with the migration crisis addressing at least 2 800 decision makers and raised awareness of 6,5 million EU citizens

About BPID

The Bulgarian Platform for International Development (BPID), currently bringing together 23 development NGOs was formally created on 27 January 2009. The process of its establishment lasted about 3 years. After the first conference on the EU Development Policies, organized by TRIALOG in Sofia in 2006, the Platform has gone through different phases.


Partners of the project