About the project

Project name: “SDGs and Migration- Multipliers and Journalists addressing decision makers and citizens in the EU” Contract № CSO-LA/2018/401-798

Total amount: 2 459 560 Euro

Funded by: The European Commission under the DEAR programme

Implementation period: 01.03.2019-28.02.2021

Project partners: The lead partner is DIAKONIE CCE Středisko celostátních programů a služeb, Check Republic in partnership with Bulgarian platform for international development Bulgaria, ACTIONAID HELLAS, Greece, FOCSIV, Italy, GCAP GLOBAL FOUNDATION, Belgium, POVOD, Slovenia and UTOPIA, Slovakia

The objective

The overall objective/impact of the project is to contribute to societies in the EU working for the achievement of the SDGs by people and policy makers.

The specific objective

By the end of the project 26 000 multipliers and 980 journalists in at least 7 EU Member States inform and report on the implementation of the SDGs and the relation with the migration crisis addressing at least 2 800 decision makers and raised awareness of 6,5 million EU citizens

Target groups:

– 26 000 Multipliers who have gained the capacity (in terms of knowledge, information, changes methodology, networks)are aware of SDGs and the relation with migration process will communicate with their target audience and act as change agents

– Media – 980 journalists from newspapers, radio, TV channels and social media.

– General public: citizens, especially young people and professionals, teachers in primary and secondary schools

– Policy and decision makers: from Local Authorities, Member of national Parliaments, Members of European Parliament, civil servants, ministers in 7 EU Member States.

Description of the activities



– Produce 16 Case studies on SDGs and Migration

– Produce 19 Policy papers for multipliers

– Prepare, print and distribute manual “How Does ODA Work for SDGs?”

– Organize 9 focus group discussions

– Organize capacity building trainings – national and international

– Prepare, print and distribute monitoring reports on the implementation of the SDGs

– Organize 7 European coordination meetings

Outcome 2:

980 journalists in different media outlets are informed on the SDGs and their relevance for migration and local issues, enabled and motivated to report about these topics.


– Prepare and distribute 36 background papers

– Prepare 7 media kits

– Produce 8 awareness raising videos

– Produce awareness raising video game

– Create websites, Facebook and Twitter and keep them up to date

– Organize 17 workshops for journalists

– Organize Study visits for 12 journalists from 6 countries

Outcome 3

Pan-European campaigns by multipliers and journalists informed and raised awareness of 6.5 million people about the importance of the SDGs and the relation with the migration crisis.

More Outputs

Outcome 4

2,800 decision makers are aware of the SDGs, and the contribution of the SDGs to the solution of the migration crisis and are engaged to improve EU and MS policies.



– Organize 330 advocacy meetings including hearings with different key decision makers

– Prepare and distribute 18 open letters to different key decision makers

– Attendance and active presence at 32 international conferences and meetings