1-Case Studies

Migration and Sustainable Development Goals

Case analysis

The main goal of the research is to show the link between the
UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they can help meeting
migration challenges. The research will be used for informing the
community and giving a wider point of view for the migration processes
from European and global perspective.
2-Monitoring Report

Migration and Development

Monitoring report

The present report is an overview of the advancement and state of
implementation of migration-related Sustainable Development Goals in
Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s institutional and legal framework regarding migration
processes, asylum and integration policies and their relevance to the
EU requirements have been researched. Facts and statistical data
supporting the research conclusions have been provided.
3-Political Document

Sustainable Development Goals and Migration

Political document

The purpose of this document serves to raise awareness among
the NGO representatives, media, policy makers on national and local
level of the link between the implementation of the UN Sustainable
Development Goals and the challenges, related to the international

Development Cooperation and its Impact on Migration Flows

Background Paper

The current refugee crisis has forced many of the leading representatives
and authorities to start taking into consideration the effects that this
crisis brings with it, which ultimately could result in the flow of unmanaged
migration onto the European continent.

Migration and development

BackGround Document n. 6

This document gives information on migration, development, and the international agenda. The authors give insights about the drivers of migration, referring to the structural factors and the migration networks. The reader gets acquainted with the root causes of migration and the relevant EU policies. At the end the document showcases the Italian development cooperation efforts in the field of migration.